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Job Announcement: November 15, 2021

Zelos is a fast-paced and team-oriented battery startup located in San Leandro, California. We
are building a rechargeable alkaline technology that can overcome safety, performance, and
cost limitations of lithium-ion for energy storage and backup power applications.

More information about us is below and at


We are now hiring for a Business Manager to oversee daily administrative, financial, and HR
operations and tasks at our lab space at the Gate 510 facility. The ideal candidate is hands-on, a
natural team player, and able to take on a variety of challenges each day.


These are some of the tasks you will need to perform in this role. As a growing company,
responsibilities will evolve over time.


Accounting and Finance

• Perform daily accounting entries into QuickBooks. Maintain the company bank accounts
including reconciling monthly bank statements. Maintain accounts receivable and accounts
• Manage bills, credit card, reconciliations, reimbursements and expense reports, SAFE
investments, check deposits, budgets, and hiring plans.


Contracts and Grants

• Assist with California Energy Commission grant management including budget, timesheets,
invoicing, reimbursements, etc.
• Work with colleagues on creation and submission of grant financial reports
• Monitor administrative and financial aspects of agreements with outside research partners.

Information Technology

• Administer and maintain IT functions for the company including the website, LinkedIn,
email, laptops, software licenses, shared file system, etc.


Operations and Facilities

• Receive and route mail.
• Manage executive assignment tracker and weekly highlights report.
• Help with design of new lab and office space, and work on move with vendors and lab personnel.

• Work with colleagues on facilities build out and space planning and expansion management.
• Assist in general operational, facility, and lab management matters.

Human Resources

• Oversee recruiting, hiring, and onboarding in consultation with company leadership and
technical staff – as per strategic plan and company needs.
• Manage payroll and benefit program for the company, working with a third-party HR Firm.
• Lead on employee handbook updates and HR audits when needed.
• Partner with colleagues to ensure a positive company culture and compliance with
applicable employment laws.

Various and Strategic

• Other projects as defined by the CEO, which may change from time to time.
• Assist and manage due diligence processesfor any future funding or corporate governance
• Help with administrative and business aspects of strategic alliances and collaborations.


For all tasks, you will need to engage well with scientific, engineering, technical, operations, and
administrative colleagues in a flexible R&D startup setting. Familiarity with Excel, Word and
PowerPoint in Windows and/or Mac is essential.

Background and Experience

• Several years of experience in varied or increasingly senior administrative, business,
financial, or operational roles.
• BA/BS degree or equivalent, either in a business or management field, or with some
coursework or certification in areas including accounting, grants, HR, IT, and facilities.
• Verifiable record in positions of trust and confidence overseeing financial and HR matters.
• Preferred: Prior work in startups, R&D operations and management, and in battery or
energy areas.

Job Performance Requirements

• Implement, manage, demonstrate, and abide by general and company-specific office and
COVID safety rules and standards.

• This position requires the ability to occasionally lift laboratory products and supplies, up to
20 pounds.
• Safely work adjacent to and sometimes in a lab environment with common chemicals and
• Strong attention to detail, and to ensuring confidentiality and security of company
information including financial and HR records.
• Move from a desk to a lab environment many times during the day.

Compensation and Benefits

We are able to hire up to a full-time, 40-hour per week role at $45 per hour plus stock options.
It is also possible the role could be a minimum of 20 hours per week initially, if preferred by the
employee. Great benefits, including health insurance, are available if employed at 30 hours per
week or more.


Another option, suitable for an experienced professional, is to partner with us as an
independent contractor (1099 basis) at $55 per hour.


Join Us!

Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States, and we cannot sponsor visa
applications at this time.

We welcome your application even if you do not have all of the skills and experience listed
above, provided you include a cover letter and resume indicating proven ability to learn quickly
and work as part of a team, and have familiarity and interest in an administrative and
operational role in a startup R&D environment.

To apply, please email a brief cover letter and resume to that are targeted
to this position. Applications that do not clearly speak to this opening and our company might
not be considered.Due to the high volume of applications, we will only be able to respond to
candidates who are selected for follow-up. No phone calls, please.

Zelos is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Diversity is a strength in the workplace, and we do not
discriminate on the basis of any criteria prohibited by local, state, or federal law, including
actual or perceived race, ethnicity, ancestry, appearance, immigration status, national origin,
age, religion, marital or family status, veteran status, physical or mental disability, sex, gender,
sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

About Zelos Energy Ltd.

Zelos Energy is committed to building the next generation of green batteries. Our patented
rechargeable alkaline technology provides safe, economical, and sustainable solutions for both
consumer and industrial uses. Products in development include deep cycle storage batteries,
lead-acid replacement, and low-cost cylindrical formats – for applications such as
uninterruptible power supply (UPS), energy storage solutions (ESS) for wind and solar, and
military and marine uses. Our completely non-toxic alkaline chemistry also avoids the fire,
safety, and supply chain risks of options such as lead-acid and lithium-ion. We are
headquartered in Silicon Valley, and our team has more than 100 years of combined scientific
and entrepreneurial experience. In 2020, we were awarded a competitively-selected multi-year
$1.8 million California Energy Commission grant for R&D scale-up in alternatives to Li-ion. With
Zelos, Help Is On The Way for our green energy future.

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